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Things are not going well…

I’m 24 now. Still kissless, still a virgin. I think my looks and high standards are to blame after all. I could easily get a 5/10, but do I want to? No! I refuse to even date any woman less than 7/10. I simply can’t find anything lower than that attractive. And I know for a fact that once I’m seen with an ugly girl, everyone will automatically assume I am settling (which I would be) and can’t get any better. Yet, I’m facially around 5/10, therefore only girls in “my league” have been attracted to me so far. By the way, you can find out how beautiful you are by going through this test. The mask has to fit your face or you are ugly. It doesn’t fit my face, especially my nose, therefore I am ugly. No rocket science there!

Sure, I can dress up, swagger like an alpha, speak in a masculine voice, brandish my six pack abs and tower my height over the girls, be confident, get into fights and what not (been there, done that), but they will still see that 5/10 face of mine. They still know my genes are not perfect and a perfect woman will not settle for an inferior man, because she can always get better. I don’t say I need a perfect woman, but something close.

Whenever my mother says:”But you look good!” I answer “then why didn’t any of those 30 girls I chatted up go to a date with me?” This shuts her up for good, because it is a known fact that attractive males do get attention from girls. Look at Zyzz. He even admitted himself that he does not approach girls but stands in parties looking pretty and waiting them to approach him. My body is not far from Zyzz’s, but it doesn’t give me much.  Yes, I’ve got some attention at the beach, but that’s only 2 months in a year where I live . Unlike Australia in my country you can’t walk around shirtless all throughout the year.

So, here comes my 6 year plan into play. I designed this plan to maximize everything I can in my life and give me what I crave for so much – attraction from attractive opposite sex. Many will think I am crazy, but you haven’t been born with a retarded face, so you will NEVER understand how it feels for me. You are probably a normie, who can get rid of acne, get a fit body, a new haircut and look banging. Unfortunately, I am not that case and believe me – I’ve tried anything.

Anyway, to correct my face fully, I need to do the following:

– Get teeth straightened and jaw corrected via complicated surgery. Cost ~ $6000

– Get orbital ridge implant surgery under eyes to give my face a fuller look and fix the flat face from profile. Cost ~ $15000

– If going bald, and I might since my father is, get a hair transplant surgery. Cost ~ $10000

– Get a surgery to move my hairline lower, so my forehead doesn’t appear to be that big. Cost ~ $8000

– I might need rhinoplasty to enlarge my tiny nose. Cost ~ $10000

Total ~ $50000

Of course, I would get full 3D image to predict how my face would look after the surgeries. I would model my perfect face that would fit the aforementioned mask and then make 10 variations or so, posting each one on hotornot and several other sites for rating in order to see which one gets rated most. Only then I would go through with the actual surgeries.

So why 6 years?

Because once I hit 30 my body and looks will start deteriorating and going downhill. 30 years is the pinnacle of male beauty and development. If I achieve the perfect face by then, then the world will be my oyster.

So what will I be doing apart from trying to earn shitton of money for 6 years? Naturally, I will be using every chance I get to interact with the opposite sex and improve my flirting skills and charisma. I am not expecting to get laid or get a beautiful girlfriend, since I am ugly, but once I get my face fixed, the learned skills will aid me in banging all the hotties I’ve missed on for my 30 pathetic years.

If everything goes by the plan I should be wealthy, attractive and charismatic by 30, getting laid like crazy, being with beautiful women and being considered as “alpha”.

“What if something goes wrong and I disfigure myself in the process?” you might ask. I already have an answer in this post.


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Suicide the alpha male way

Why people commit suicide? Because they are cowards? Because they are seeking a way out? I mean, sure suicide is the best way out if you are a paralyzed herb or live in constant pain, but what if you are just an unfortunate beta male ugly fuck that gets his emo moments from time to time? Let’s think about this logically for a minute…if you have really nothing to lose but your life, if you are at the lowest of low…just think of all the cool shit you can do! I’ll just list a few things from my head:

1. Sell everything and spend all your money on drugs, whores and orgies. Who cares if you get addicted and full of STD’s, you’re dying anyway.

2. Do something that you always wanted to do but was afraid because it would end you up in jail or worse. You are going to die, who cares what happens? I’m not going to post any examples, but use your imagination.

3. Sell everything and buy that car you always wanted and spaz the fuck out until you kill yourself in an accident.

By executing any of the above scenarios one will not only gain pleasure beyond wildest imaginations but as well become relatively famous/infamous, even if this fame is short lived. Obviously these methods are best used when one has reached a certain age, 70 years perhaps, but if you are really, really desperate for a way out, I think the above mentioned scenarios can be performed at any age.

What I will do once I get really old: Announce that the woman who I die having sex with will receive all my inheritance. Participants must be 18-28, starting from 8-10 on the 10 grade hotness scale. Isn’t there a more beautiful way of going out? Of course, everything will be recorded and later put on the internet or whatever media will be around in 60 years. I mean, if fucking young hot women as an old grumpy creep is not alpha, I don’t know what is. I suggest you guys do the same. But as for now, acquire that currency!

If you have any great (read: alpha) suicide ideas, feel free to post them in the comments.

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