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Some fashion thoughts

So I was browsing through lookbook.nu today to find some inspiration for dress styles that would help me improve my overall persona. After all – impressions count and people make an impression based on your looks in the first few seconds. Take a look at the guy on the left. Somewhat daring, yet original and stylish combination. I’m tall, athletic, so technically I could wear something similar and pass as a cool hipster guy, right?

WRONG! You see, I believe the reason why that guy got hyped in the TOP is because he is attractive, simple as that. Imagine the same guy with a face of Gary Busey, would people still see him as stylish, cool and sexy or as a crazy, creepy dude?

My point is, do I really have to resort to classical grandpa clothing like the one to the right just because I don’t have a nice face? Is there a style that would look cool on an ugly person and make him sexier?  This is one thing that really grinds me gears and I have to find a way to somehow live through this – beautiful people can wear pretty much anything and they will still be considered attractive, cool and maybe even stylish. But if you are an uggo and fuck up – hello creeper zone!

I might be wrong about this, but somehow I have yet to see a really cool and stylish person who is also ugly.

Currently I’m dressing pretty safely yet in an elegant manner. Blazers, button down shirts, black pants or navy jeans and black shoes or sneakers. I’ve found that black is one of the best colors to go with my pale skin tone. My tip would be to always wear clothing that contrasts with your skin. For example, if you are dark skinned, lighter, pasty colors will look good but for a fair skinned person they will blend with the skin and it will look rather shit.


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