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Update on my journey.

Goal: $1000 income per month – achieved. I now have a stable 9 to 5 job and earn money in my own business as well, netting me around $1200 per month, possibly more.

Goal: Get drivers license – not achieved.

Goal: Get a girlfriend – on my way. Registered on a dating site and just messaged a ton of girls, went out with 3 and got one really interested. She is messaging me and invited me on Facebook. On the second date I got to touch her in sexual areas, but in the end I didn’t even give her a proper kiss due to being inexperienced. All throughout I was confident, funny and cocky. She liked it. From her messages it seems that she really liked my personality and wants to meet me again. Hopefully I will seal the deal next time. The girl is objectively about 6/10, but in my eyes she is 8/10. She will do for now as I find her sexually attractive, but in the long run I aim for higher quality women.

It is hard to date women when you have a full time job and have to visit the gym to maintain your aesthetics at least 2 times a week. Internet dating helps here although I have written about the problems of it before, but it is still very hard on guys who are not beautiful. I have had girls stop messaging me after they see more pics of my face from other angles. Obviously, it wasn’t my personality as they where interested before when the face was barely visible, but my nice body was in the center of the picture. An advise regarding the women you decide to meet – check if her pictures are self taken or from various life situations. If it is the latter, the chances are she looks the same as in her pics, if it is the former, she is probably a lot uglier in real life. I have to admit that some girls on the site do message me, but they are around 5/10 at best. And those that are higher usually lose interest after they see other photos. I myself only find girls of 7+ attractive. I wish I had lower standards, but you can’t order the body.

Been having lots of suicidal thoughts lately, not sure where this will lead, but one thing is for sure – I’m not killing myself before getting laid 😉


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Virgins in da’ club

I’ve went downtown with my buddies about 3 times now. My buddies are all virgins, too, and want to improve their social life, so together we pick up women at clubs and on streets. Technically I have had most success from us 3, but it is still pretty pathetic. I’ve got a telephone number, danced and embraced girls. Once even I had a girl come with me. But I’m still a kissless virgin thus still a pathetic beta. I hate that the tall hot and drunk blondes that I somehow got my hands on a bit during the dancing didn’t respond to me. I thought this was what it is about – fucking drunk chicks. I guess not.

The going out so far seems unproductive really. I don’t have any approach anxiety what so ever and I don’t drink at all. I don’t have to. I can dance freely in the clubs, I can approach any girl. But it seems very hard to convert the approaches to something more than a quick chat, a number or kiss. It seems like they are just there to tempt the men and in the end say: “I am just hanging out with my girlfriends. I don’t want to meet guys.” I’ve gotten as far as embraced a girl, played with her, got her really close, but in the end she didn’t give me her number, because she somehow got the idea that I would want to fuck her and her friend. Her friend was ugly, so I didn’t talk much with her. I was interested only in the blond.

Anyway, cold approaching at night on street sucks. Yes, girls chat with you. Yes, they answer questions or “openers” and what not, but only one girl from all that I approached gave me her number. It seems I had more success when I approached girls in daytime. I realized I should smile often despite me having not perfectly straight teeth.

Another thing that drives me mad is the fact that there are plenty of average, plain guys with hot women. Women taller than them. It’s like they knew something I don’t.

Currently I have a girl willing to date me, but she is about 5-6/10 looks wise, also pretty poor and stupid, but that doesn’t matter. I guess I will go on her with a few dates to see if she puts out. I could at least lose my v-card, she is too plain looking to go out with her in public where other people would see me and would think I can’t find anything better. The fact that I most hate is that she is getting chubby and doesn’t exercise. I wouldn’t care if she is poor or even dresses badly, but if she gets more bodyfat than now, she gets booted out of my potential mating partners.

Regarding my goals. I’m still studying for the drivers test. I’m taking online test and still having mistakes. I won’t go take the real one until I can pass the online one 5 times with 0 mistakes.

Regarding money – working on building connections to get myself a good job. In the meantime applying for a sperm donor, will see if they accept me. It seems they will. Would net me in around 400$ a month. That’s half of the sum already. Also, reason why I don’t spend money on drinks. You can’t drink alcohol if you are a sperm donor. But it’s not like I need it in the first place. Waste of money.

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Don’t do internet dates.

This picture says a thousand words…today I was a victim of another “hot girl angle shot” dating profile. This was not the first time and will probably not be the last as well.

99% of girls on dating sites have something wrong with them. If not physically, then psychologically or in other ways. If they have one pic up, grayscale, showing a cute face only.- be weary, this might be another typical “fat girl angle shot”. However, if you don’t mind a girl who is chubby, this wouldn’t be so bad.

I’ve been to about 3 internet dates in total. First girl wasn’t fat but she was ugly. Yes, grayscale indeed makes you much more attractive. Another girl had a good face but she was slightly chubby. I kind of regret cutting contact with her since my standards where way too high back then and she had the potential to be shaped into a sweetheart from the ground up.

The third girl that I met recently was good looking in the pictures. She had 3 color pictures of her up on the profile which is a good sign. Getting her number wasn’t a problem since after  skimming over her profile I guessed what literature she prefers. I was 100% spot on! She is one of those new age type/hippy/vegan girls. “But to hell with it!” I thought. “She looks hot and that’s fine by me!” So I met her. Well, she wasn’t a complete disaster. If we ignore the hippy sense of fashion, smoking, a bit fucked up teeth, shortness…there is still the face. Dry chapped lips, low cheekbones, shitty chin – general unattractiveness. I walked around with her and her friend, who was equally plain and nerdy looking, and I felt disappointed again. I am not expecting a model, but at least learn about lip balm and general make-up application!

Currently another girl seems to be interested as well, but in the third mail she already mentioned she is a single parent. Damaged goods again. Probably was left by her jock boyfriend and now is looking for a beta nice guy to take care for her and her babby. Not happening, girl!

Then there are the hot girls who have tons of pics of them up on the profile along with hundreds of comments from pathetic men like me. These girls do not actually go on the internet dates. I believe they have a stable alpha boyfriend or a ton of fuckbuddies and just use the dating sites to get more attention. I message these, but it never works out naturally…

And then there are girls who actually don’t have a pic on them up. I haven’t tried dating one of these but from what I have read they usually have extreme self-esteem issues which are more or less based on the fact that they are either fat or ugly or both. The good side (?) is that they are clingy and have low standards, but I am not sure I would want to date such a person unless she was hot.

I still have 2 phones left from internet girls. One is a girl who likes to party, seems like the obvious extrovert, about 5-7 on the looks scale judging from the pics. Another one looked about 7, but then again: grayscale, angles, etc…I don’t even think it’s worth risking.

Also, I get an about 50% response rate to my letters. I try to be original and comment on something about their pictures/profile. My main pic is a good quality pic of me looking away from the camera, shirtless in slim jeans, looking serious. According to OKcupid statistics this type of a male profile gets the most response rate.  But that’s one thing, what really matters is the conversion or the said responses into dates.

Also, I message girls in the 6-10 range, judging by their profile pictures. I would think it would be fair to assume that in reality she is at least 1 point below.

Well, those are my thoughts on internet dating. Tell me in the comments what are your experiences with online dating, good or bad, doesn’t matter.

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