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Update on my journey.

Goal: $1000 income per month – achieved. I now have a stable 9 to 5 job and earn money in my own business as well, netting me around $1200 per month, possibly more.

Goal: Get drivers license – not achieved.

Goal: Get a girlfriend – on my way. Registered on a dating site and just messaged a ton of girls, went out with 3 and got one really interested. She is messaging me and invited me on Facebook. On the second date I got to touch her in sexual areas, but in the end I didn’t even give her a proper kiss due to being inexperienced. All throughout I was confident, funny and cocky. She liked it. From her messages it seems that she really liked my personality and wants to meet me again. Hopefully I will seal the deal next time. The girl is objectively about 6/10, but in my eyes she is 8/10. She will do for now as I find her sexually attractive, but in the long run I aim for higher quality women.

It is hard to date women when you have a full time job and have to visit the gym to maintain your aesthetics at least 2 times a week. Internet dating helps here although I have written about the problems of it before, but it is still very hard on guys who are not beautiful. I have had girls stop messaging me after they see more pics of my face from other angles. Obviously, it wasn’t my personality as they where interested before when the face was barely visible, but my nice body was in the center of the picture. An advise regarding the women you decide to meet – check if her pictures are self taken or from various life situations. If it is the latter, the chances are she looks the same as in her pics, if it is the former, she is probably a lot uglier in real life. I have to admit that some girls on the site do message me, but they are around 5/10 at best. And those that are higher usually lose interest after they see other photos. I myself only find girls of 7+ attractive. I wish I had lower standards, but you can’t order the body.

Been having lots of suicidal thoughts lately, not sure where this will lead, but one thing is for sure – I’m not killing myself before getting laid 😉


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