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Virgins in da’ club

I’ve went downtown with my buddies about 3 times now. My buddies are all virgins, too, and want to improve their social life, so together we pick up women at clubs and on streets. Technically I have had most success from us 3, but it is still pretty pathetic. I’ve got a telephone number, danced and embraced girls. Once even I had a girl come with me. But I’m still a kissless virgin thus still a pathetic beta. I hate that the tall hot and drunk blondes that I somehow got my hands on a bit during the dancing didn’t respond to me. I thought this was what it is about – fucking drunk chicks. I guess not.

The going out so far seems unproductive really. I don’t have any approach anxiety what so ever and I don’t drink at all. I don’t have to. I can dance freely in the clubs, I can approach any girl. But it seems very hard to convert the approaches to something more than a quick chat, a number or kiss. It seems like they are just there to tempt the men and in the end say: “I am just hanging out with my girlfriends. I don’t want to meet guys.” I’ve gotten as far as embraced a girl, played with her, got her really close, but in the end she didn’t give me her number, because she somehow got the idea that I would want to fuck her and her friend. Her friend was ugly, so I didn’t talk much with her. I was interested only in the blond.

Anyway, cold approaching at night on street sucks. Yes, girls chat with you. Yes, they answer questions or “openers” and what not, but only one girl from all that I approached gave me her number. It seems I had more success when I approached girls in daytime. I realized I should smile often despite me having not perfectly straight teeth.

Another thing that drives me mad is the fact that there are plenty of average, plain guys with hot women. Women taller than them. It’s like they knew something I don’t.

Currently I have a girl willing to date me, but she is about 5-6/10 looks wise, also pretty poor and stupid, but that doesn’t matter. I guess I will go on her with a few dates to see if she puts out. I could at least lose my v-card, she is too plain looking to go out with her in public where other people would see me and would think I can’t find anything better. The fact that I most hate is that she is getting chubby and doesn’t exercise. I wouldn’t care if she is poor or even dresses badly, but if she gets more bodyfat than now, she gets booted out of my potential mating partners.

Regarding my goals. I’m still studying for the drivers test. I’m taking online test and still having mistakes. I won’t go take the real one until I can pass the online one 5 times with 0 mistakes.

Regarding money – working on building connections to get myself a good job. In the meantime applying for a sperm donor, will see if they accept me. It seems they will. Would net me in around 400$ a month. That’s half of the sum already. Also, reason why I don’t spend money on drinks. You can’t drink alcohol if you are a sperm donor. But it’s not like I need it in the first place. Waste of money.


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